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What to expect from a board certified lacation consultant (IBCLC)

An IBCLC a health care professional who certifies in human lactation and infant feeding support. We complete over 1000 hours of breastfeeding or chestfeeding support, complete a university level course, and then write a 4 hour exam.

A visit with an IBCLC usually includes a thorough history for you and your baby, followed by education and assessment on latching your baby, positioning and ergonomics, bottle feeding if needed, pump use and/or flange sizing, infant oral exam, and breast or chest exam as needed.

Each visit is tailored to your own desires and goals. Not everyone is able to breast or chestfeed, and that is okay too! A good IBCLC will help maximize what human milk your baby can get from you, and make a plan that works for your whole family!

I look forward to seeing you soon!!


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