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MSP Covered Services

Covered by MSP up til 6 weeks Postpartum
(cannot provide for clients of Inlet Birth Program.  Please get referall from your GP, RM, OB, RN or Social Worker )
PostPartum Home Visits (1-2 x 45-60 min each)

Home Visits are location dependent but generally available for Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, East Vancouver. In home help with: Latching, Feeding positions, Ergonomics, Pumping/flange fitting, Nipple pain, Feeding Plans etc. 1-2/person available, and usually seen within 1 week on a limited basis. Too book please contact me and have your care provider fill the referall form. 


Prenatal Breastfeeding Consultation

Individualized class or consultation ideally between 28-36 weeks of pregnancy to prepare you for breast/chest feeding or help troubleshoot past history of breast/chest feeding issues. 

Now booking in Clinic in New Westminster  and Telehealth Consultations anywhere in British Columbia!

A vast majority of feeding concerns can be addressed quickly and efficiently with a telehealth consultation, in the comfort of your own home. Available anywhere in the province of British Columbia and can usually be seen within 3 days.

COVID Safety and Home Visit Readiness

Please wear a mask and avoid visitors in the home while having your home visit. Telehealth is available instead of in home if you prefer. Home visits will not occur while anyone is feeling unwell. Please have soap and a hand towel available for me at your home visit. To get the most out of your visit, try to have your baby ready for a feeding around the time I arrive. 

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