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MSP Covered Services

Covered by MSP up til 6 weeks Postpartum
(cannot provide for clients of Inlet Birth Program.  Please get referall from your GP, RM, OB, RN or Social Worker )
PostPartum Home Visits (1-2 x 45-60 min each)

Home Visits are location dependent but generally available for Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, East Vancouver. In home help with: Latching, Feeding positions, Ergonomics, Pumping/flange fitting, Nipple pain, Feeding Plans etc. 1-2/person available, and usually seen within 1 week on a limited basis. Too book please contact me and have your care provider fill the referall form. 


Prenatal Breastfeeding Consultation

Individualized class or consultation ideally between 28-36 weeks of pregnancy to prepare you for breast/chest feeding or help troubleshoot past history of breast/chest feeding issues. 

Now booking Virtual Health Consultations anywhere in British Columbia!

A vast majority of feeding concerns can be addressed quickly and efficiently with a telehealth consultation, in the comfort of your own home. Available anywhere in the province of British Columbia and can usually be seen within 3 days.

COVID Safety and Home Visit Readiness

Masks are no longer required for your visit (unless you prefer them, in which case we are happy to use a mask!). If anyone is sick we will need to transfer to virtual health care until everyone in the home is healthy again. Please have soap and a hand towel available for us to wash our hands at your visit. 

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