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"Exploring the Benefits and Drawbacks of Virtual Health Care"

So I am doing a stint in a rural area (qathet or Powell River! It's lovely to be in nature and serving rural population). While here, I will be offering telehealth services in conjunction with my wonderful colleague Candace Plohman who will be doing in home support and infant oral exams. What does that mean!? It means you will still get all the support you need, but I may start your care with an intake phone call or virtual health care phone call and then arrange a visit for you usually within the week with my colleague who is also an RM/IBCLC Which leads me to my contemplation on the benefits and drawbacks of virtual care: Virtual health care can be a great use of resources and time, since so much of infant feeding support relies on a history and counselling around what it going well/what you want to work on. Easy things to discuss virtually are: -Prenatal Education and preparation for Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding -Basics on position and latching -Strategies for infant fussiness/gasiness


-Low milk supply -Nipple pain and damage

-and much more Upcoming will be an into to Candace!!

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