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Carlie Sanford RM IBCLC

Hello and Welcome!! 

I am a registered Midwife and Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with over 10 years of experience working with new families. Because I am a registered midwife, my lactation services are covered by MSP up til 6 weeks postpartum.


I have a strong passion for assisting new parents on the very real struggles that feeding a new baby can involve after having had struggles feeding my own daughter as an infant. Many folks are prepared for the pregnancy and birth, but are surprised by the challenges and nuances involved in feeding a new baby. 

I'm here to help you create a feeding plan that works for you and your family. I strive to help all families to identify and meet their goals in a supportive and realistic way. Things I commonly help with include:


  • slow or low weight gain for baby

  • low milk supply

  • nipple pain and latch issues

  • assessing infant tongue function and sucking skills

  • mastitis, yeast infection, milk blebs, blocked ducts

  • pump use and flange fitting

  • ergonomics, positions for feeding, paced bottle feeding

  • breast or chest refusal

  • Individualized feeding care plan for babies

  • Nipple Shield use or weaning off

  • Returning home from the NICU or extra support while in the NICU at RCH

           I look forward to meeting you soon!

                                             Carlie Sanford RM IBCLC


MSP covered  Lactation Consulting Home or Clinic visits 
Clinic visits now available by self booking starting January 2023.
For in home visits please contact at bottom of page-- offered on limited basis in lower mainland and tricities areas. 
MSP covered midwifery postpartum single visits or full postpartum care
If you need postpartum care only, please contact Carlie for availability. 

MSP covered prenatal breast or chest feeding classes or consultation
Especially helpful for first time parents or those with a  history of difficulties with lactation, typically 45-60 min by telehealth or in clinic in New Westminster


“I really appreciated Carlie’s gentle  approach and how she gave me manageable and realistic things to work on. On top of the in-person support, she gave me some online resources and videos that were relevant to my situation and I felt like that was also key to making improvements at home. We were successful in getting baby girl slowly off the nipple shield as well as some getting some help with side lying position to combat a fast let down. Thank you so much!!”

Olivia Ellingson

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